Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Well-travelled coati finally back home

I AM happy to report that the coati pictured on the Diary page last week has been recaptured and is now safely back at the menagerie of Sir William and Lady McAlpine at Fawley Hill.

The animal, a native of South America, escaped a few weeks ago and was spotted in Henley by Kaye McArthur and then in Gatehampton, near Goring, by Sam Peates.

It was recaptured in Ipsden by someone with a fox trap. Apparently, it had been stealing their eggs.

Like the couple’s last escapee, Jack the capybara, the coati is a male.

“It’s always the boys that roam,” says Lady McAlpine. “We think he had a row with one of the other males and went off to find some women of his own. We will give him a wife and home of their own. We can’t quite believe the distances he covered.”

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