Sunday, 05 December 2021

Happy children on ‘The Climbing Tree’

PHOTOGRAPHER Alan Greeley and his wife Rosemary, from Binfield Heath, often walk along the towpath from Marsh Lock to Henley town centre and on one Saturday morning last autumn came across these happy children enjoying what Alan likes to call “The Climbing Tree”, which grows just next to the path near the River and Rowing Museum.

The tree has a special shape with branches running close to the ground and gives children an ideal opportunity to try out their tree-climbing skills as well as just have a great time.

The scene was so interesting that Alan thought it would make a great picture so asked the parents for their permission to photograph the group.

One of the pictures turned out even better than he expected and he is including it on his website ( where there is a section devoted to recent and archive Henley pictures as well as information on his Photo-Restore service, which brings old faded and damaged photos back to a high standard.

Alan says: “I’d like to thank the parents for giving me the opportunity of taking this photograph of their lovely family by presenting them with a large mounted print so I’d be very pleased to hear from them.”

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