Saturday, 16 October 2021

What are courting frogs... art or education?

THE merits of art provoked some interesting responses at a recent meeting of Henley Town Council.

Singer Vince Hill and his wife Annie have offered the town their sculpture of three wild deer leaping, re-igniting the debate on some of the town’s previous works of art, including the mermaid on Red Lion Lawn and the Frog Ball sculpture in Station Park. Councillor Ian Reissmann commented that the frogs had “appeared to be engaged in group sex”.

Councillor Jeni Wood said that Judy Boyt’s sculpture was “educational” to which Councillor Joan Bland responded: “Sex education?”

A coy Cllr Wood replied that she did not use the “S” word and insisted that the sculpture was “art”.

Cllr Bland retorted: “So is the Kama Sutra!”

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