Tuesday, 26 October 2021

The things children wish for Christmas..

IT is often said that Christmas these days is too commercialised.

However, I’m not sure after reading some of the sweet children’s messages on the “wishing tree” installed at King’s Arms Barn during the Henley Christmas Festival on Friday.

Little ones could write a wish on a tag and attach that to the tree.

Not suprisingly, many chose to ask Father Christmas for the things they would like but there was little sign of greed.

Maisie, two, wished to be able to meet the man himself, while Tommy, eight, wished he was a dog or a cat.

Summer, three, wanted “a big pink present” and Aggy, 10, wanted “this Christmas to be the best”.

Jack, nine, said: “My wish is that First Great Western were better.” Perhaps he had some help writing that from mum and dad!

My favourite wish came from 10-year-old Ciara, who wrote: “My wish is to get a boyfriend in Year 9 — love you future boyfriend xx.”

Merry Christmas, everyone, I hope you get your Christmas wish.

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