Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Don’t get the bird with me please...

CAN you tell the difference between a heron and a flamingo? It seems I can’t after wrongly identifying the former as the latter in my Hidden Henley item last week about the metal bird sculpture on a building in Hart Street.

Bridget Fraser, who is director of the Barn Galleries in Aston so knows about these things, says: “The graceful metal bird sculptures you featured are not flamingoes but grey herons, apparently from our Birds of Africa range.

“Birds of Africa are designed by Louise Stobart and created in Zimbabwe. We have represented Louise’s work for almost 20 years and many a visitor to Artspace at the Barn Galleries has fallen in love with her work and gone away with a bird or two to grace their own gardens.

“This is the first time that I have known Birds of Africa to breed in this country but maybe the small addition is but a passing migratory bird, or one of those less-than-artistic street art imitations one finds on ethnic market stalls.

“Although Artspace has, after 21 years, come to an end at Barn Galleries, we are still happy to supply Louise’s elegant Birds of Africa.

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