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Skillforce Group

ON June 7 and 8, the year 10 SkillForce group went on a residential trip to

ON June 7 and 8, the year 10 SkillForce group went on a residential trip to Far Peak in Gloucestershire.

Our first activity was a 6km walk from Burford to Carterton, which took us three hours.

After the walk we got back on the mini-bus and went to Far Peak, which was where we were camping for the night.

We had to put up our tents, which was quite easy to do but near the end all the poles kept flying out of the ground.

However, we got it done and after this we took part in some wall climbing.

The first wall climb was  10 metres and then we were able to try the 15 metre side and the overhang.

When we had finished we went back to the tents and got the Trangias out.

We started to make our food — we had pasta, ravioli and cheese and beef soup. After everyone had eaten, we made a fire. The only tools we had been given were a steel flint and some cotton wool but we succeeded.

Around the camp fire we had marshmallows and hot chocolate and then we played Chinese whispers and charades.

We then went back to the campsite, into our tents and went to sleep at 10.30pm. The sleep was really nice and comfy.

We woke up at 8am the next day and had breakfast.

After breakfast, we took part in the low rope course, which was harder than I thought.

When we had finished we had some lunch and then packed up again and left for school.

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