Saturday, 29 February 2020

Prep-schoolers achieve well across all subjects

AT Caversham Preparatory School pupils make “exceptional” progress across the school and achieve well in all

AT Caversham Preparatory School pupils make “exceptional” progress across the school and achieve well in all subjects, according to the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

At the age of 11, results in national tests have been “exceptional”.

Compared with national data, the children’s academic achievement is exceptional and pupils’ attitudes to learning are “excellent”.

Results in national tests at the age of seven are well above the national average, with results in mathematics being “exceptional”.

From the Early Years Foundation Stage onwards, pupils make “excellent” and sometimes “exceptional” progress across the full range of the curriculum and other activities.

In the Early Years the children are taught to read from their very first days in school.

They learn in a fully equipped and staffed Early Years unit with a lovely learning garden to play in, to promote independence and imaginative play.

There is also a part-time nursery class for pre-school children.

The ISI says: “The daily focus on the early acquisition of basic skills ensures that standards in oracy, literacy and numeracy are exceptionally high.

“Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage achieve highly in relation to their starting points.

“They enjoy their learning, talking with enthusiasm about their experiences and listening to the views of others.”

Our children love their learning and their “exemplary” behaviour in the classroom supports their high achievement.

Our children were recently offered seven scholarships to independent schools and five grammar school places — from a class of 16.

In the past, our children have been awarded scholarships for art, music, performing arts, all-round and ICT.

Our curriculum and extra-curricular provision is “excellent”, according to the ISI.

We offer an average of 25 clubs per term.

Many of our pupils play a musical instrument including flute, clarinet, guitar, violin and piano. All the children in year 2 learn to play the recorder.

We have an ensemble, choir and music club. At present, 70 per cent of our children take London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art lessons. We love to perform!

All the children learn to swim. We play tag rugby, golf, netball, cricket, football, athletics, tennis, rounders and cross-country running and play in teams against other schools and in tournaments.

The older children attend an annual Outward Bound centre to learn new skills such as canoeing, surfing and abseiling.

The ISI says: “The pupils’ personal development is excellent.

“Teachers and pupils work closely together to create an environment in which the children learn to be sensitive to the needs of others.”

This is a happy and safe place to work and play.

A year six child told the inspection team that “this is a perfect school and I wouldn’t want to change a thing about it”.

So please browse our website for more details and to book a visit. Come and see us for yourself.

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