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Chris's 'school of rock' takes away the complications and makes learning fun

Chris's 'school of rock' takes away the complications and makes learning fun

CHRIS Coppel was raised in the UK and USA.

His love of rock music started at an early age and by 16 he was playing at the Marquee club in London during the epic Sixties and Seventies.

Since then Chris has worked for the Crown Jewellers, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, UCLA Film School, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Though following a very strait-laced career path, he has stayed passionate about his music. During his time at UCLA, students began asking for lessons.

Initially Chris only taught rock drumming but after some persistence started offering instruction in electric guitar.

He is adamant he does not teach “music” — he teaches the skills needed for a student to immediately get enjoyment from the instrument.

Chris’s parents sent him to formal guitar classes twice — once at age nine and once at age 11. On both occasions he gave up after a few weeks.

Formal training, including having to read music, drove him crazy. He just wanted to know how to play!

Chris believes repetitive scales and reading music are a mind-numbing way to start playing rock guitar or drums.

Have fun with the instrument first, then if you want to get more out of it and develop your skills to a higher level, reading and scale work end up being easier and more enjoyable.

Chris wants it understood that he has nothing against the traditional way of learning to play an instrument — just not for rock!


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