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Children enjoy visit to Sikh temple with vegetarian meal

Children enjoy visit to Sikh temple with vegetarian meal

CHILDREN from Lewknor Primary School were given a taste of Sikh culture on a trip to Birmingham.

The key stage one and two pupils visited the Gurdwara and were served a vegetarian meal in the langar, a “free kitchen” where everyone is treated as equal.

The children covered their heads with scarves as a mark of respect.

Headteacher Deborah Cole said: “Although we received an ‘outstanding’ in our recent Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools inspection, the inspector said that one area we had to improve was to ‘foster more strategies that will allow pupils to encounter different faiths and diverse traditions in order to deepen pupils’ understanding of a multi-faith and multi-cultural world’.

“Our school trip to the Gurdwara was part of our strategy to help give the children a wider experience of different cultures. Our children’s behaviour was impeccable throughout. They were mature, dignified and respectful.

“They also learned so much more about the Sikh religion and culture, about tolerance and the kindness of others.

“The trip proved to be a huge success with both children and adults. Children said it was ‘amazing’, ‘brilliant’, ‘the best trip ever’ and the majority voted to return soon.” Upper juniors teacher Georgina Lawes, said: ‘‘As we entered the prayer hall, I could tell by their faces that the children were awestruck. They stood silent and open-mouthed at the brilliance and serenity of their surroundings.

“They sat completely still and silent as the kara parshad — a sweet mixture of butter, flour, sugar and water — was offered to them and they accepted it with such solemnity. I was really touched.”

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