Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Help to keep up with studies

Help to keep up with studies

WITH students having missed a lot of school because of the coronavirus pandemic, many are probably feeling that they may need extra help to keep up with this year’s curriculum.

Laura Harris, a science teacher, has relocated from London to Shiplake this summer with her husband, dog and young son and is offering tutoring in science, maths and geography.

She motivates and builds confidence in the pupils she teaches.

Laura has taught science for nine years in two London schools and offers tutoring in A-Level biology, GCSE biology, chemistry and physics, 13+ common entrance science preparation, KS3 maths and geography (11-14 years).

Laura has a BSc (biological sciences), PGCE (secondary science) and MA (educational practice) and has experience in most exam boards and different school prep entrance and scholarship exams.

She says: “I can help your son or daughter to catch up, build confidence and excel in science. I have recently been tutoring successfully online and with this tool I can continue to help your children throughout lockdown.

“My passion is teaching, helping my students to learn and understand — getting them to ask the questions that will fuel their knowledge. When it comes to teaching, patience really is everything and I find encouragement tends to go a long way too.

A parent recently said: “My daughter is finding the sessions with you so helpful. Your method of teaching is showing her what she does know and therefore building her confidence and reinforcing other more shaky topics very solidly. She is really enjoying them, so thank you.”

To book in with Laura, call 07817338812 or email lauraharristutoring.com

For more information, visit www.lauraharristutoring.com