Friday, 23 April 2021

Homework delivered

STAFF at Peppard Primary School have been delivering resources to more than 100 students to help them complete classwork from home. 

Headteacher Nick Steele and two other volunteers deliver workbooks, printouts, stationery and more to pupils every two weeks. 

This began at the start of the third lockdown last month.

Mr Steele said: “We’ve learned a lot from the first lockdown and one of the big things is knowing that not all families have a printer at home so we can’t set worksheet activities.

“With that in mind, we purchased a lot of additional resources from different companies and print a lot out ourselves. We also have to think about the students who don’t have pens, pencils, contractors, rulers, etc.

“Myself and two other volunteers deliver them to students every other Friday to prepare the children for the next two weeks of learning.”

It takes each of the three people about 90 minutes to complete the deliveries.

They have also been accepting food donations from families when dropping off the packages to give to the food bank at Springwater Church in Blounts Court Road, Sonning Common.

Mr Steele said the idea of donating was suggested by a girl in one of his “personal, social, health and economic lessons” when he asked the pupils how they could help the community.

Children of key workers or those deemed vulnerable can still attend school.

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