Sunday, 24 October 2021

‘Pupils and staff both thrive’

‘Pupils and staff both thrive’

GILLOTTS — “This is a school where pupils and staff thrive.”

This is what the Ofsted inspector said following the inspection of the school in February 2020.

Under the current arrangements for inspection, the only possible outcome was that the school remained good. However, the inspector concluded:

“There is enough evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school could be judged outstanding if we were to carry out a [full] inspection now.”

Gillotts is a high-performing, innovative school where every student is valued as an individual, and is supported and encouraged to achieve their potential. The school prides itself on being inclusive of all, developing academic achievers and individuals who make a positive contribution to society now and in their future lives.

This Ofsted report is a great endorsement. The positive atmosphere in lessons is described as “remarkable”.

Teachers have high expectations of their pupils “to think like experts in the different subjects” and there is recognition of the “dedicated pastoral team”.

Since 2013, the school’s GCSE results have put it consistently in the top 25 per cent of schools in the country for the progress its students make.

Gillotts is a popular school but vacancies do arise.

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