Thursday, 09 December 2021

Forest school builds sense of adventure

Forest school builds sense of adventure

THE sound of rain falling is never a deterrent for girls and boys at Crosfields School.

Forest school sessions are regularly timetabled for all pupils, from the littlest in nursery through to seniors in Year 7.

Working together, solving problems and developing curiosity are key benefits of our forest school programme, and our four sites — dotted around Crosfields’ spacious grounds — offer a variety of opportunities.

Seeing our youngest children gain the courage to explore on their own and develop the interpersonal skills to work together is uniquely rewarding.

For the older children, learning how to cook outdoors is just as exciting.

In a fast-moving world, spending time immersed in nature also brings with it a sense of
wellbeing and our children learn to cherish the world around them for which they are responsible.

This toolkit of skills is then applied in the classroom, where commitment and a willingness to try new things drive our pupils’ academic success and all-round development.

With more than 50
co-curricular activities and 40 acres of grounds, our children have the time, space and opportunity to explore many paths on the way to finding one that is their own.

Visit our junior school open morning on Friday, November 26, to see what a Crosfields education can offer your child — from nursery through to Year 11.

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