Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Drama plays such a big role at school

MOST children are natural actors and actresses. Drama at St Mary’s helps to unleash their creativity, build confidence, raise self-esteem and improve communication skills. Through it, children become familiar with the culture and conventions of theatre and learn to exercise critical judgement when making, performing and responding to drama of all kinds.

Drama helps children to think about the “who, why, where and when” elements of stories, events and everyday experiences. It helps them develop a creative perspective on life and gives them a freedom of expression. The classes provide children with the safe environment they need to express themselves using improvisation and spontaneity exercises.

Although National Curriculum Drama is one of the 12 strands of learning in the literacy curriculum, it also lends itself well to cross-curricular possibilities. By re-enacting events, children can be helped with their history. Through imagining landscape, teachers can support their geography lessons. By creating certain scenarios and situations PSHE themes can also be explored.

At St Mary’s the staff continue to believe it is an essential subject for the young children to experience and every pupil, from nursery right through to Year 6, has a timetabled drama class within their working week.

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