Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Need help with your child?

Harmony Child Behaviour Consultancy and Home Schooling offers services delivered by local, professional teachers and mothers of young children (including twins), Sarah Baker and Victoria Balls

Both are teachers with over 12 years experience,. Both are motivated by their own experiences as teachers who wanted every child to achieve their full potential.

They are trained and experienced in many aspects of behavioural and learning difficulties including ADHD, Separation Anxiety, Attachment Difficulties, Emotional First Aid, School Refusal, Positive Handling, ASD and Dyslexia. Maybe you child is refusing school? Maybe they are anxious about going to a new school? Are you finding their behaviour frustrating?

Hamony can give face to face support as well as over the phone guidance. Visit www.harmonycbc.m-b-g.co.uk, or Facebook.

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