Friday, 06 August 2021

It’s all in a day’s learning

HIDDEN just beyond Henley market place you will discover what feels like a village school in the heart of town, Badgemore Primary School.

It is a small but growing community primary school set in stunning grounds and even boasts its own forest!

As a new head with one term under my belt, I am hugely enthused by the close-knit sense throughout the whole school community of staff, governors, parents and pupils. We value this intimate working relationship and welcome parents into school to support and encourage their children’s learning at every opportunity.

With a new curriculum coming in this school year, the staff at Badgemore are committed to an innovative academic environment that promotes high standards and expectations and develops our children’s critical thinking and technology skills by actively engaging them in the learning process.

By building on their interests and talents we can ensure there is a continuous desire for improvement and development leading to well-rounded, self-directed, lifelong learners.

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