Wednesday, 10 August 2022

'Student tenants more reliable and profitable'

RESEARCH has revealed 69 per cent of landlords and letting agents prefer to let to students and 84 per cent agree students make good tenants.

The reasons for the distinctly positive image of students were candid enough and wouldn’t surprise too many of the landlords out there; student lets generally lead to better yields (76.5 per cent), there is the ready annual market of new students every year (53.7 per cent), students often have the financial support of parents or family (45.6 per cent) and as such, rent tends to get paid pretty promptly (25 per cent).

What’s more, these views were shared across the UK, the only exception being London which at 43 per cent, presented the lowest preference to student tenants. Just 3.7 per cent of those surveyed reported no discernible benefit from letting to students.

Actually, the perception of student accommodation has changed a lot over the past decade, not least amongst students themselves.

Gone are the days of substandard rental ‘digs’ of previous generations. Students today have a good idea of what they are looking for and they will be looking for the best properties they can find.

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