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New lollipop man needed for school

A “LOLLIPOP” man for Trinity School in Henley has appealed for someone to come forward to man Greys Road.

A “LOLLIPOP” man for Trinity School in Henley has appealed for someone to come forward to man Greys Road.

Karen Edwards, headteacher of Sacred Heart School, has been unable to find a school crossing patroller since it was advertised three months ago.

John West, 77, was persuaded to become a lollipop man four years ago by his granddaughters Emily and Olivia who were pupils at Trinity School before moving to Gillotts School.

Mr West, who lives in Singers Close with his wife, Alex, a psychology teacher, said: “My grandchildren kept on at me, saying, ‘go on, do it, it’ll keep you doing something’.

“I do enjoy it as I like the kids — they are quite good fun. But really they should be helping me cross the road at my age.”

He says he hopes someone will come forward to help Sacred Heart School.

Mr West said: “It’s nice to do something for the community although I’ve been standing out here in the middle of a snowstorm so it’s not the warmest of jobs at times.” He admits some drivers are less than pleased by his work and can get a bit annoyed at being held up —even though he has the ability to “book them”.

In December, Oxfordshire County Council told Sacred Heart School it could employ a lollipop person following an assessment of the safety of children crossing the road.

Parents and staff have been campaigning for a crossing in Greys Road for five years.

Mrs Edwards said: “We are seemingly no closer to getting a crossing and without it we are back to the situation where people are crossing Greys Road and pretty much taking their lives in their hands.”

The job involves two 45-minute shifts, morning and afternoon. For information, call Andrea Tsoi on 07968 237574.

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