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250 boys and girls perform in school gym and dance display

MORE than 250 students took part in Gillotts School’s annual dance and gymnastics display.

MORE than 250 students took part in Gillotts School’s annual dance and gymnastics display.

The show involved boys and girls from every year at the Henley secondary, beginning with eight routines choreographed by head of dance Hannah Stallwood and her GCSE pupils.

After a short interval, the youngsters performed 10 gym routines for the audience of 200 friends and parents.

Year 7 girls performed a cheerleader-themed dance, waving pom-poms and finishing with a group pose.

Year 9 boys performed street dance moves to hip-hop tracks and Korean pop hit Gangnam Style.

Twins Hannah and Kathleen Barnett, who are in year 10, danced to a rendition of Fix You by classmates Riona Fumi and Emily McDonagh. Emily’s brother Elliot accompanied them on guitar.

The first half ended with a circus-themed routine called Carnival, led by Myfi Mountford as the ring mistress.

A five-minute gym display featuring 30 year 10 boys and girls kicked off the second half.

There was also a solo piece by Myfi, who is part of the school’s gifted and talented programme and a member of the British aerobic gymnastics junior squad.

The show has been running for at least 20 years. Rehearsals start in September and take place every lunchtime. Head of PE Hayley Rogers, who choreographed the gym section, said: “From the moment rehearsals begin, we eat, sleep and breathe gym and dance. It’s tough to stay focused — it gets very tiring and quite stressful at times and you always worry that you’ll run out of ideas.

“However, the feedback we’ve had has been tremendous and it was definitely worth the effort. Everyone loved it and couldn’t believe the pupils remembered and mastered such complex routines.

“The students get a real buzz from it and it boosts their confidence. It’s really great that they’re working with other year groups as well.

“We also had more than 50 boys taking part, so we’re dispelling the myth that gym and dance is only for girls.”

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