Thursday, 11 August 2022

CRAID speak against Upper Warren location

JULIA BRANSON, who chairs Caversham Residents Against Inappropriate Development (CRAID)

JULIA BRANSON, who chairs Caversham Residents Against Inappropriate Development (CRAID), says: â??We have always accepted and supported the need for a new primary school in Caversham â?? it is many years overdue â?? and all credit to the trustees of the Heights Primary School and the parents who have supported the bid for a school.

â??However, what has shocked and galvanised the local community, including many parents of potential pupils, is the choice of site for the school.

â??The Education Funding Agnecy acquired High Ridge, a residential property in Upper Warren Avenue, which in the view of CRAID, and indeed most of the community, is entirely inappropriate for the school.

â??We are delighted that the agency has now decided to undertake a consultation process with the local community in collaboration with Reading Borough Council. Details of this process and timetable will be made available imminently. CRAID would therefore urge the local community to embrace this process and have their say on which of the five sites they consider best for the children of Caversham.

â??As a local resident and the chairwoman of CRAID, I welcome this process and would encourage all members of CRAID as well as those who support other stakeholder groups to think very carefully and consider the needs of the education of the children of Caversham, not just for the current generation, but also for generations in the future.

â??We owe it to the children to have a great school for their whole education, not just in the classroom, but in the playground and on the sports field.

â??High Ridge is a woefully inadequate site for the school. Please think very carefully during the consultation process.

â??To see our feasibility study for the site and details of our concerns, visit and if you have not yet seen the site at High Ridge, we would urge you to visit to see for yourself.â?�

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