Friday, 12 August 2022

Gillotts pupils try army assault course

PUPILS at Gillotts School in Henley had a day off from lessons to carry out citizenship activities

PUPILS at Gillotts School in Henley had a day off from lessons to carry out citizenship activities.

An assault course run by the army and a Question-Time style debate were set up for years 10 and 11 while the younger children learned about globalisation and healthy lifestyles.

The 170 year 10 pupils had their day divided into mock interviews and the army?s team-building exercises.

Employees from Reading College, insurance company Covéa and Microsoft came to do 15-minute interviews.

Katie Stephney, advice and guidance co-ordinator and head of geography, said: ?It is an important year for year 10 and we are doing this to prepare them for interviews, such as for the sixth form or apprenticeships or jobs.?

Headteacher Catharine Darnton said: ?This will be the first time most of them have been in an interview situation.?

The other half of the day was spent working with the army?s South-East Outreach team. The team-building tasks included guiding a blindfolded person through speech and using logs and ropes to build a structure that could hold the team?s weight.

The final activity was an assault course which involved hurdles and crawling through small holes.

Cpl Samuel Riddle said: ?This involves physical activities but also speaking and listening. We try and treat the pupils like adults, differently to teachers. They can get a bit nervous, especially if we start shouting.

?What we do is about making the right decision and, when you don?t, working together to sort it out. It is a good experience for them.?

The year 11 students were given a governance and democracy day.

This involved a debate with Henley Green parliamentary candidate Mark Stevenson, David Klemperer, of Oxford University Labour Club, town councillor Kellie Hinton (Henley Residents? Group) and South Oxfordshire District Council UKIP candidate Ken Arlett.

The debate covered topics such as the EU, immigration, gay marriage and the NHS.

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