Monday, 02 August 2021

Old classroom set to be replaced

ONE of the oldest temporary classrooms in Oxfordshire could be replaced at Peppard School.

ONE of the oldest temporary classrooms in Oxfordshire could be replaced at Peppard School.

Oxfordshire County Council has submitted planning permission for a new modular classroom to be put in place.

But the school’s headteacher said they are still planning on the proposed move to a new site to the north of Peppard Common.

Nick Steele said: “The new temporary building is nothing to do with the new school. We are still looking for funding. I am realistic and I know the local authority have less and less money to play with. It looks weaker and weaker but what we do have is an opportunity to make a difference for the children and we’re hopeful.”

The school had a planning application for the move approved by South Oxfordshire District Council in 2011. The new classroom is proposed to be 22sqm bigger than the old one and will have better insulation and ventilation. It will also provide a toilet rather than children having to go to the main school site as they do currently.

Mr Steele said they hoped to have the new unit in place by September and would not affect the building of a new school. He said: “The classroom we currently have is the oldest module in Oxfordshire, we are told. The old one was only single glazed but the one we’re receiving is properly insulated and the heating is better. Even then the one we’re receiving is not brand new, it’s second hand. But at this stage we will take anything if it’s going to make a positive difference to the children and staff.”

Earlier this year, former parish council chairman Barry Wood claimed the school moving in 2015 was unlikely. He said: “The liklihood of building starting in the next year is low. We are talking several years for the school to move.”

The plans for the school include four classrooms that could take up to 30 children each, a computer and library room, a school hall linked to a kitchen and disabled toilets.

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