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Keep off our fields, says head of college

THE principal of The Henley College is urging members of the public to stop walking across

THE principal of The Henley College is urging members of the public to stop walking across its playing fields.

Jayne Davis has told her staff to challenge anyone who enters the site off Tilebarn Close, next to the college’s Rotherfield Campus, without identification or permission.

The area is private property but Mrs Davis says many people treat it like public land.

The college has put up barriers at the entrance several times but on each occasion they have been torn down.

Mrs Davis says she is particularly concerned about dog walkers not cleaning up after their pets, creating a health hazard for anyone using the pitches afterwards.

In a letter to this week’s Henley Standard, she says: “The college has spent a considerable amount of money ensuring that its playing fields are fit for use by students.

“We have several very popular sports programmes with some students progressing to a professional level.

“Being covered with dog dirt while you are playing is at the very least unpleasant and more seriously can cause serious health issues.

“When staff have alerted members of the public that they should not be on site, they have often been met with quite hostile responses.

“As with any other public institution or private organisation, we have a responsibility to those who study or work with us and this includes being aware of who is on site.”

Mrs Davis accepts some people may have used the site as “informal recreational facilities” and thanks those who have done so responsibly.

But she adds:“In order for us to best support our students, we would request that the community respects the privacy of our sites and playing fields and, in that way, helps us stop vandalism and misuse of those facilities.”

Mrs Davis also acknowledges there are problems with students dropping rubbish but says she has arranged daily litter-picks and plans further action.

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