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Flamenco and chicken chorizo on menu at school’s Spanish day

STUDENTS at the Piggott School in Wargrave took part in a flamenco dancing day

STUDENTS at the Piggott School in Wargrave took part in a flamenco dancing day, writes Jamie Presland.

More than 250 youngsters at the Twyford Road school learnt moves for the Spanish dance before splitting into groups and making up their own routines.

The event was organised by Spanish teacher Amanda Stewart while languages assistant Fatima Olmedo invited in professional dancer Elisabeth Perez to teach the pupils the Spanish words for parts of the body and emotions before leading them in a dance routine.

Ms Perez wore traditional flamenco attire, including a frilled black dress and hard-soled shoes.

The entire routine was explained using only Spanish words but the students were helped by a slideshow which showed the words and associated dance move.

The pupils were in their uniforms but some wore Spanish neckties or put red carnations in their hair for the occasion.

Each group demonstrated their dance to the rest of the class before the students voted on which was the best. The winners received a certificate.

The school hall was decorated with Spanish flags and the lunch menu included Spanish food such as chicken chorizo and gato d’ametlla, a traditional almond cake with vanilla sauce. Year nine student Peter Topham said:  “At first I was sceptical about the whole thing because I thought it was a bit girlie but when we went on to do the dance there was a lot of laughter and the teachers got involved. It was a very good day.” Gillian Maloney, partnerships and community administrator at the school, said: “The students were very apprehensive initially but by the end of the session they found it had been very enjoyable.”

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