Sunday, 16 December 2018

Residents unite to thwart burglars

RESIDENTS of a Henley street are fighting back against burglars.

People living in Walton Avenue have bought Smartwater kits to mark their property so it can be identified if stolen.

“Smartwater” is a colourless liquid that can be detected using ultra-violet light.Suspected burglars who have been arrested by police can be screened to see whether they have been in contact with marked items.

A warning sign has been installed at each end of Walton Avenue and homeowners have put warning stickers in their windows in a bid to deter burglars.

Beryl Lloyd, who runs the street’s Neighbourhood Watch scheme with her husband Les, said: “Almost all the 18 households have taken a Smartwater kit and we are trying to persuade the others.

“Some people think that all you need are alarms but burglars can get in and out quickly. If you are able to take precautions then it is a no-brainer.”

Mrs Lloyd said Smartwater was easy to apply and could be used on all types of possessions. “It is like using a pen and you can use it on jewellery and small items like that,” she said. “It doesn’t wash off, not even when you use bleach.”

Walton Avenue is the latest road to launch an anti- burglar campaign. The Henley Standard reported last month how the residents of Greys Road and Greys Hill are planning to block off an alleyway between their streets which they say burglars use to access their homes.

Smartwater kits can be bought from Henley police station for £10. To reserve one, call 101 and ask for Paul Duncan at Henley.

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