Thursday, 13 December 2018

Air ambulance called after sledge accident

A BOY has been dubbed a “brave little trooper” after being injured in a sledging accident in Harpsden.

A BOY has been dubbed a “brave little trooper” after being injured in a sledging accident in Harpsden.

Bryn Williams, six, was taken to hospital with a badly bruised right foot after his toboggan crashed into a tree at the bottom of Drawback Hill on Saturday.

He and his eight-year-old brother Huw, who attend Trinity School in Henley, were among dozens of children having fun in the snow when the accident happened.

Helen Mearns, from Binfield Heath, who witnessed the accident, said: “He came down on his sledge feet first and that’s why he hurt his leg. He went straight through the bushes and hit his leg on the fence. It was not a very nice sound afterwards.

“I was the closest person to him, then his father saw us and came along and took over.”

The boys’ father Rhydian, an assistant cub leader, raised the alarm and the air ambulance was called to the scene.

Mr Williams, of Queen Street, Henley, said: “It was all looking a bit hairy because we could not see underneath Bryn’s boot, so we called the ambulance. They told us that they were going to call the helicopter, which came as a bit of a surprise.

“It was right for the professionals to look at him. You are always worried when something like this happens and we did not want to do anything wrong.

“Bryn could not put any weight on his foot. He was all wrapped up and I did not want to increase his pain or perhaps do any more damage.

“He was being very brave — every time we went to move his leg he was obviously in a lot of pain but he was being a little trooper.”

The boy was pulled back up the hill on his sledge by medics from RAF Benson, who were manning the air ambulance.

He was taken by a road ambulance to Townlands Hospital in Henley, where he was met by his mother Rosie.

She then accompanied Bryn in the ambulance to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading while Mr Williams followed. He said: “They had a good look at him and gave him an X-ray. After all the worry he has not even got a cast as they said it was better for him to get the movement with it.

“Bryn was waited on hand and foot on Sunday. Somebody said as a joke, ‘Should we go out sledging again?’ and he replied, ‘I don’t think so’.

“He hobbled up to school on Monday. He is feeling a lot better, although he is still hobbling about a bit. He does have a story to tell, though.”

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