Sunday, 19 May 2019

Nanny acquitted of pub doorman assault

A NANNY has been cleared of assaulting a doorman at a Henley pub.

A NANNY has been cleared of assaulting a doorman at a Henley pub.

Louise Thatcher, 26, was alleged to have sworn at and punched Jonathan Hunt after a night out at the Catherine Wheel in Hart Street in the early hours of December 23.

She was acquitted at Oxford Magistrates’ Court last Friday.

Mr Hunt claimed Ms Thatcher, of Benhams Lane, Fawley, had become angry after doormen removed her husband from the pub and she tried to block their way.

He said his colleague, Abiodun Adeleye Adekola, asked Ms Thatcher to leave the pub but she refused and starting shouting abuse.

Mr Hunt claimed that he walked her towards the door by putting his hands under her armpits to guide her.

“She went quite freely and started walking towards the door,” he said.

“We got to the door and I released her and as I let go she turned around and hit me in the head, across the right side of my face.

“I was in shock, I really wasn’t expecting it at all.”

Mr Hunt said he was not injured.

Mr Adekola said Ms Thatcher swore at him after he removed her husband from the premises.

Mr Hunt put his arms around her waist to guide her towards the door.

He said: “On getting to the door I opened it so that John could release her and at that point she turned to John and hit him.”

Ms Thatcher told the court she had been on a night out with a special police constable and hadn’t been “out to cause trouble”.

“I was happy, merry, probably a bit tipsy but not drunk,” she said. “I knew what was going on.”

She said she may have accidentally knocked Mr Hunt’s face while trying to escape from his grasp. She said he had treated her roughly but she had not sworn at either doorman.

“Mr Hunt grabbed me by my arm and starting pulling me out,” she said. “It hurt so I thought I’d try to get my arm free because he was digging his fingers in. I didn’t like it.”

Ms Thatcher said she was left with a bruise on her arm where Mr Hunt had held her.

Douglas Diss, chairman of the bench, said it could not be proved that Ms Thatcher had hit Mr Hunt.

He added: “We are not satisfied that anyone has been completely honest or clear about what happened that night.”

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