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Five-year-old boy injured by cyclist riding on pavement

A FIVE-year-old boy suffered injuries to his face, head and shoulders after he was hit by a teenage cyclist who

A FIVE-year-old boy suffered injuries to his face, head and shoulders after he was hit by a teenage cyclist who was riding on the pavement.

Charlie Speicher was sent flying and smashed his head on the concrete.

He was taken to hospital, where his chin was stitched and he was checked for concussion after complaining of feeling sick and dizzy.

Charlie was struck while walking with his father Matt, 27, a few yards from their home in The Close, Woodcote.

He was a few paces ahead of Mr Speicher, who was pushing Charlie’s six-month-old brother Archie in a pram.

As they reached the end of their cul-de-sac, the cyclist flew out of an alleyway and into the boy.

The bike’s handlebars hit Charlie’s jaw, hurling him backwards to the ground. He suffered a gash to his chin and bruising to his collarbone, back and shoulders.

Mr Speicher said: “The collision took Charlie straight off his feet and he was thrown through the air like a little bit of paper. He didn’t know what had happened. I was very concerned because of how hard he hit his head.

“I hit the brake on the buggy and ran straight over to Charlie. The boy was trying to help Charlie up but I shouted at him to leave him alone because I didn’t want him to make it worse.

“He had been going at such a rate of knots that he had no chance of stopping, although he shouldn’t have been on that pavement at all.”

The cyclist rode off and Mr Speicher carried Charlie to his grandparents’ house in nearby West Chiltern. The couple were looking after his two-year-old brother Harry.

There he phoned his wife Kayleigh, who was at a hairdressers’ appointment with the couple’s daughter Courtney, seven, and she hurried back.

Mr Speicher said: “Charlie was as white as a ghost and very much in shock.

“As soon as he saw Kayleigh come in, he started crying and ran over to her for a cuddle. His little heart was just pounding and he was shaking like a leaf. If we go anywhere now he stays right by our side. I think this really scared him.”

Mr Speicher’s father and wife took Charlie to Townlands Hospital in Henley while he looked after Archie, Courtney and Harry.

Mrs Speicher said: “It was horrible for him. On the way to the hospital, he was feeling very dizzy and was struggling to stay awake. We had to make him count to 100 several times.

“When we got there, he started crying again because going to hospital was scary in itself. He’d never been before and didn’t know what to expect. He was in there for about 90 minutes — they saw us straight away because of how serious it might have been.

Charlie, a pupil at Woodcote Primary School, spent the following day off school with neck and back ache and was fully recovered within a few days. His stitches will dissolve naturally.

The Speichers, who knew the 19-year-old cyclist, have reported the incident to the police.

They have also warned cyclists to stay off the pavements.

Mr Speicher said: “We realise it was an accident and he won’t be in any serious trouble but that cyclist should have known better — he’s legally an adult, not a 10-year-old.”

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