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Stroke victim chases thief

A SHOPKEEPER recovering from a stroke has told how he chased after a thief to get a stolen plate back.

A SHOPKEEPER recovering from a stroke has told how he chased after a thief to get a stolen plate back.

Abba Kaboudahangi said he feared being attacked by the shoplifter after he caught up with him but the well-built man ran off before the police arrived.

He was at his shop, One Offs of Henley, in Reading Road, Henley, when the suspicious-looking man came in and stole one of a pair of patterned serving plates.

Mr Kaboudahangi said: “You can tell when something isn’t quite right. After he left I looked around and I noticed the plate was gone.

“It is not worth much but when you have a pair you want to keep them because one on its own is worth nothing. I thought ‘I am going to get it back’ so I just went for it. I was wearing comfortable slippers but I ran down the road and I saw him go into Cancer Research with my dish under his arm. It was a bit like a Carry On film.”

Mr Kaboudahangi caught up with the thief and snatched back the blue and white china serving dish.

He said: “I said, ‘Oi, that’s my dish’ and took it from him and for some reason he tried to be a bit apologetic.

“I noticed that he had something brass in his hand and it looked like he was going to hit me in the face.I told the staff to call the police. He managed to push me and I lost my balance and he pegged it as fast as he could.”

Mr Kaboudahangi, who had suffered a stroke just six weeks before the incident, said: “I felt annoyed with myself because I don’t have the strength I used to.

“When the policemen came back to the shop to take fingerprints I told them that if it had happened half a year ago I would have held him down and waited for them to arrive. Hopefully, they will find him.”

His wife, Bia, who helps run the shop, said: “I was a bit upset that he went chasing down the street after he had just had a stroke. Never mind the plate, he should have been resting.

“When he came back with it under his arm I couldn’t believe it.”

The theft happened at about 4pm on November 11.

Mr Kaboudahangi, who has owned the shop for two years, said: “What upset me is that I don’t know how he did it — how did he get that out of the shop and where did he put it?”

The plate, one of a pair made by English company Grindley, is worth about £40 and depicts a landscape scene by John Constable.

The suspect is described as 5ft 11in, well-built with short hair and a strong eastern European accent. He was wearing a brown three- quarter length jacket and light blue jeans.

Meanwhile, police are hunting two men who stole two bags of meat from Waitrose in Henley on November 16.

The men, who had cockney accents, entered the supermarket, at 11.52am and made off on a black Aprillia SR Motard 125 scooter.

Both are described as white, about 5ft 11in, with dark hair and stubble. One wore a black helmet and the other a blue one. Both were wearing shoes but no socks.

A disabled woman had her handbag stolen from the basket on her scooter while shopping in M&Co in Bell Street, Henley, at about 1.55pm on November 26. The victim was distracted by a man while a woman took the bag.

Anyone with information about any of the offences should call Thames Valley Police on 101.

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