Sunday, 26 May 2019

Unexploded shell found in garden shed

A BOMB disposal team was called to a house in Henley after a Second World War tank shell was discovered

A BOMB disposal team was called to a house in Henley after a Second World War tank shell was discovered.

Neighbours on all sides of the property in Belle Vue Road house were evacuated during the operation to remove the piece of ordnance on Tuesday afternoon.

The shell, which was about 50cm tall and 15cm in diameter, had been in a shed in the back garden for almost 30 years.

The family who own the house were clearing out the shed on Saturday when they rediscovered the shell. They took a picture of the ordnance and sent it to a friend who is in the army.

The female owner, who didn?t want to be named, said: ?They said we ought to get it checked out as it looked like it still had the cap on so that's what we did.

?I went into the police station in Henley on Tuesday morning and showed them the picture.

"I wasn't bothered at all because it has been there forever and a day and I never thought it was live or anything. Obviously if we had thought it was alive and kicking we would have done something about it along time ago.?

The shell had belonged to the woman?s former husband and came with the family when they moved to Henley from London in 1986.

She said: "I just put it in a shed because I thought it was memorabilia from his past. I thought about it occasionally.?

Two police cars were parked outside the property on Tuesday and the bomb squad arrived at about 3pm before leaving about 10 minutes later with the shell to destroy it.

Sgt Aidan Donohoe, of Thames Valley Police, said the call was ?routine? for the bomb squad.

?If they thought there was any kind of risk moving it then they wouldn?t have done so,? he said.

?If you think about this country's history and the amount of ordnance people brought back as souvenirs or munitions manufactured in this country, it's not uncommon for people to find them.?

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