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Driver crashed into my car outside my house

A YOUNG driver ploughed through a bollard then smashed into the rear of a parked car after mounting

A YOUNG driver ploughed through a bollard then smashed into the rear of a parked car after mounting the pavement in Henley.

The impact ripped the wooden post out of the ground, which tore up the surrounding brickwork, and caused hundreds of pounds of damage to the Audi Q5.

The driver, who was in a Ford Fiesta, was driving north out of Henley along Northfield End when he veered across the oncoming lane at 6am last Thursday.

The Audi was parked outside the home of its owner, town councillor Dylan Thomas, who was asleep at the time and didn’t hear the crash.

He was woken up at about 6.15am by police knocking on his door so he got dressed and went outside to see what had happened.

He and his wife Clare had to calm down their two-year-old son Archie, who had been woken up by the commotion and was crying. Cllr Thomas said: “As I stepped out, my first thought was concern that someone might be hurt.

“Fortunately, although the driver was clearly very shocked and upset by it all, he had no signs of injury.

“They were breathalysing the young man and he said he’d slept in his car overnight after attending a leavers’ party at Shiplake College.

“Apparently he’d become distracted after trying to find something in the car’s footwell.

“I understand another vehicle heading south had to brake very sharply to avoid it being a head-on collision.

“The bollard had been dragged all the way under his vehicle. If it had been an hour later I would have been walking Archie to nursery and it could have been a fatality.”

The front of the Fiesta was caved in while the rear panels of the Audi’s bodywork were punctured in two places and several lights were broken.

A small pile of metal and plastic debris from both vehicles was piled up on the pavement.

Cllr Thomas was advised not to drive his car so arranged for a garage to collect it later that day. He had to take a day off from his job at Microsoft in Reading while it was assessed.

He said: “I always worried this might happen because there are no traffic calming measures on this part of the road. People always go too fast coming out of Henley.

“There is a speed camera near here which is a bit of a deterrent but people start speeding up as soon as they’re past it.

“So many children walk past this house in the mornings — just imagine if this had happened as Rupert House School was opening. I’m so glad nobody was hurt.”

The Fiesta driver was told to report to Henley police station that evening.

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