Sunday, 26 May 2019

Call to cut hedges in ’wing mirror alley’

A ROAD has been dubbed "wing mirror alley" because of the number of car wing mirrors

A ROAD has been dubbed "wing mirror alley" because of the number of car wing mirrors that have been damaged or broken off there.

Wargrave parish councillor Marion Pope claims there could be a serious accident on Mumbery Hill, a busy entrance to the village from the A4, unless something is done.

She said overhanging hedges forced drivers to go into the middle of the road.

Cllr Pope, of Autumn Walk, said: "It’s the main route into the village and it’s causing problems.

"Hedges overlap the road and vehicles have to pull over the white line. There isn’t the width to allow vehicles past and so many clip their wing mirrors. It’s also not lit. It’s classified as a country lane but there’s so much traffic using it now, including lorries and big 4x4s.

"It’s dangerous for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists because of the width of the road. If you get two cars meeting each other there’s not enough space for them to pass.

"I really think there could be a serious accident because there’s no speed limit on that road. People come off the A4 doing 40mph or more and the sight lines aren’t very good. It really needs looking at."

Councillor Pope added that the road had potholes which had damaged car tyres.

She has complained to Wokingham Borough Council several times and a highways official came to inspect the road. However, she was told that repairs to the road were not a priority.

Now she hopes to involve John Halsall, the borough councillor for Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe, who is also a deputy executive member for planning and highways.

Cllr Pope said: "We’ve written to the council many times but they’ve got constraints and the road is not seen as a problem. I’m hoping to pin down John Halsall to see if we can get something done about it, especially with winter coming."

The council says the hedges belong to homeowners on the street and are not its responsibility but it has promised to look at the road surface.

Councillor John Kaiser, executive member for planning and highways, said: "We were told in April about overhanging vegetation on private land, so letters were sent to the property owners.

"We’re not aware of any potholes complaints but nevertheless I’m asking our senior highway inspector to take a look in the next few days and report back."

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