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Pcso calls for ban on parking outside school

PARKING should be banned on the stretch of road outside Sonning Common Primary School, says the village’s police

PARKING should be banned on the stretch of road outside Sonning Common Primary School, says the village’s police community support officer.

Mark Bell wants a single yellow line painted outside the school in Grove Road, saying it would help to ease congestion.

Speaking at a meeting of Sonning Common Parish Council, Pcso Bell said: “When I’ve been patrolling at school time I have come across a few issues with traffic flow.

“Often people park on the road, narrowing the gap for vehicles to go through.

“A distribution lorry was blocking the road and causing an obstruction at the junction with Lea Road.

“I spoke to the driver and he said he couldn’t park outside the school because of people picking up their children.”

He said a number of Grove Road residents had complained about their driveways being blocked by parked cars, particularly at the start and finish of the school day, and dangerous driving.

“It does concern me that drivers are mounting the pavement to avoid other cars,” he said. “I’ve had one person say they had to pull their child out of the way.

“After looking at it carefully, I recommend a single yellow line opposite where the yellow zig-zag lines are.

“This would free up about 10 vehicle spaces, leaving enough room to allow cars to go through.”

The total cost for a 25m single yellow line would be about £4,300, including £2,500 in legal fees and £500 for signage.

Pcso Bell said he would want the yellow line to be enforceable from 8am to 10am and 3pm to 4pm.

Councillor Barrie Greenwood, who lives in Grove Road, supported the idea.

He said: “As residents close to the school, we are very aware of the problem.”

But Councillor Dirk Jones believed the solution was to make the road one-way.

He said: “I have said over and over again that the only way to stop people going on the pavements is to run traffic in one direction.

“With a single yellow line, drivers still won’t want to give way. A one-way system is the only way to make this problem go away.”

Cllr Greenwood responded: “A one-way system would be in place 365 days a year but the school is open just over 200 days a year. It would cause considerable difficulties for residents at both extremities of Grove Road.”

The school’s headteacher Chris Hirst supported the idea of a yellow line.

Speaking after the meeting, he said: “We welcome anything that will help to ensure the safety of the children at the school, especially when they are being picked up and dropped off.

“Parents have to understand that parking in certain places is not acceptable. We would be happy to contribute something financially.”

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