Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Chiltern Edge Horticultural Society autumn show results

The full results were as follows:

RHS Banksian Medal (most prize money in horticultural classes):
Martin Hedges

George Shaw Cup (best vase of mixed dahlias): David Smith

Jim Knight Challenge Cup (most points in flower, fruit and vegetable classes): Martin Hedges

Certificate of Merit for Floral Art (most points in floral art): Sandra Reed-Jennings/Barbara Pilbrow

Sullivan Rose Trophy (most points in rose classes): Lynda Crocker

Sid Harper Trophy (best bowl of mixed roses): Lynda Crocker

Owen Hammant Cup (best collection of vegetables): Martin Hedges

Len Holloway Memorial Trophy (most points in pot plants): Lynda Crocker

Ray Williams Memorial Cup (most outstanding exhibit, flower, fruit or vegetable): David Smith

Adrian Lindlaw Shield (master gardener): Martin Hedges

Kenneth and Margaret Crush Memorial Cup (best individual flower): David Brewer

Trophies for spring and autumn shows

Anne Alderton Trophy (most points in flower classes): Lynda Crocker

Old Barn Cup (most points in vegetable classes): Martin Hedges

Chairman’s Cup (most points in floral art): Sandra Reed-Jennings

Domestic Trophy (most points in domestic classes): Sandra Reed-

Baskerville Cup (most points in
photography): Colin Mather

Devon Cup (most points in children’s classes): Temperance Hunter

Charlie Jarvest Cup (most points, paintings): Sandra Reed-Jennings

Dylan Jarvest Cup (most points,
handicraft): Sandra Reed-Jennings

Sonning Common front garden competition: 1 Joyce and David Brewer, 2 Vera and Rob Strong, 3 David Wardle

Children under five years:
1 Sylvie Fooks

Children five to 11: 1 Temperance Hunter, 2 Bella Fooks, 3 Sicily Hopewell


Vase of cactus dahlias: 1 Keith Hedges, 2 Martin Hedges, 3 David Smith

Vase of decorative dahlias: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 David Smith, 3 Keith Hedges

Single bloom, giant dahlia: 1 David Smith, 2 Keith Hedges, 3 Martin Hedges

Vase of pompom dahlias: 1 Keith Hedges, 2 Martin Hedges, 3 David Smith

Vase of ball dahlias: 1 Keith Hedges, 2 Martin Hedges, 3 David Smith

Vase of mixed dahlias: 1 David Smith, 2 Martin Hedges, 3 Keith Hedges

Vase off mixed dahlias, novice class:
1 Christine Gundry

Vase of five roses: 1 Lynda Crocker,
2 Sue Hedges

Specimen rose bloom: 1 Lynda Crocker, 2 Wilma Crush, 3 Maureen Stevens

Bowl of mixed roses: 1 Lynda Crocker

Vase of other flowers: 1 Joan Bree, 2 Sue Hedges, 3 Sandra Reed-

Vase of mixed perennials: 1 David Smith, 3 Lynda Crocker

Bowl of mixed asters: 1 Wilma Crush

Flowering pot plant: 1 Dave Brewer, 2 Wilma Crush, 3 Sheila Walker

Fuchsia in pot: 1 Lynda Crocker,
2 Dave Brewer

Indoor foliage plant: 1 Sandra Reed-Jennings

Cactus or succulent: 1 Ann Holt

Patio pot of mixed flowers:
1 Lynda Crocker

Homemade compost: 1 Dave Brewer


Five white potatoes: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Geoff Adams

Five coloured potatoes: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Geoff Adams, 3 Nigel Crush

Heaviest marrow: 1 Martin Hedges

Two cucumbers: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Nigel Crush

Three beetroot: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Nigel Crush

Six pods of French beans: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Geoff Adams, 3 Dave Brewer

Five pods of runner beans: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 John Windass, 3 Geoff Adams

Longest runner bean: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Dave Brewer, 3 Nigel Crush

Four carrots: 1 Martin Hedges

Three large onions: 1 Martin Hedges

Three small onions: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 John Windass, 3 Nigel Crush

Nine shallots: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Sandra Reed-Jennings

Six tomatoes: 1 Louise Fooks, 2 Martin Hedges, 3 Nigel Crush

12 cherry tomatoes: 1 Louise Fooks,
2 Martin Hedges, 3 Lynda Crocker

Truss green tomatoes: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 David Smith

Two lettuces: 1 Martin Hedges

Any other kind of vegetable: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Geoff Adams,
3 Jill Hendra

Collection of vegetables in basket/
trug, novice class: 1 Sandra Reed-

Master gardener: 1 Martin Hedges,
2 Louise Fooks, 3 Sandra Reed-


Five dessert apples: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Louise Fooks, 3 Christine Gundry

Five culinary apples: 1 Geoff Adams, 2 Wilma Crush, 3 Louise Fooks

Non-berry fruit: 1 Geoff Adams,
2 Martin Hedges, 3 Louise Fooks

Berry fruit: 1 Sandra Reed-Jennings, 2 Martin Hedges, 3 Wilma Crush

Floral art

Seasonal arrangement: 1 Sandra Reed-Jennings

Petite arrangement in a jug:
1 Barbara Pilbrow, 2 Jill Hendra,
3 Ann Holt


All in one fruit cake: 1 Nigel Crush,
2 Lynda Crocker, 3 Joan Bree

Macaroons: 1 Pauline Burling,
2 Barbara Pilbrow, 3 Nigel Crush

Savoury flan: 1 Nigel Crush, 2 Lynda Crocker

Stoned fruit jam: 1 Dave Brewer,
2 Wilma Crush, 3 Sandra Reed-

Any soft fruit jam: 1 Sandra Reed-Jennings, 2 Dave Brewer, 3 Christine Gundry

Chutney: 1 Sandra Reed-Jennings,
2 Sheila Walker, 3 Lynda Crocker

Children’s section (ages five to 11)

Summer drawing, painting or collage: 1 Bella Fooks, 2 Temperance Hunter, 3 Sicily Hopewell

A miniature garden: 1 Bella Fooks,
2 Temperance Hunter

Flap jacks: 1 Temperance Hunter, 2 Sicily Hopewell

Children’s section (under fives)

Summer drawing, painting or collage: 1 Sylvie Fooks

A miniature garden: 1 Sylvie Fooks


Wildlife in the garden: 1 Colin Mather, 2 Barbara Pilbrow, 3 Jill Hendra

The sky: 1 Nigel Crush, 2 Jill Hendra, 3 Barbara Pilbrow

Single summer flower, close-up:
1 Colin Mather, 2 Jill Hendra, 3 Elaine Robinson

Open, colour or black and white:
1 Colin Mather, 2 Nigel Crush,
3 Barbara Pilbrow


Small drawing: 1 Sandra Reed-
Jennings, 2 Ann Holt

Small painting: 1 Beverley Porteous, 2 Christine Gundry, 3 Sandra Reed-Jennings

Article of handicraft, any medium:
1 Lynda Crocker, 2 Joan Bree, 3 Sandra Reed-Jennings

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