Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Greener Henley: Martyn Chidwick

Greener Henley: Martyn Chidwick

Martyn Chidwick, 42, is a business consultant who lives in Henley with his partner Ruth Lindup

WITH awareness of climate change increasing and personally learning much more from the Greener Henley workshops about the carbon impacts of my everyday lifestyle, I have made quite a few changes to the way I live.

Some of the bigger changes are significantly reducing meat from my diet, growing vegetables, cycling much more for local journeys and food shops and also using the train for longer trips, including work trips to Europe and holidays.

I had thought that reducing meat would be tough and that I’d miss it but it has actually been very easy. I’ve had to take a bit more of an interest in nutrition to make sure that I’m getting a balanced diet and plenty of protein but there’s so much available online now to help with this, which has made it really straightforward.

As well as the positive impact on reducing carbon (especially by cutting out beef and lamb), there can also be good health benefits.

I’ve also cut milk from my diet and have found that I really enjoy black coffee; I just hadn’t had a reason to try it before.

I used to drive from Henley to Reading twice a week for work and ended up sitting in traffic through Caversham and

Now I use the train and the Green Park bus which actually takes me the same time.

I thought this would be a difficult transition and that the connections would make it problematic but it has worked really well and I now enjoy having a more relaxing journey where I can read a book or catch up on emails on my way.

I commuted by train for previous jobs that were further from home and had forgotten how much I preferred it to driving.

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