Monday, 10 August 2020

Village’s handyman, 76, retires

A MAN responsible for keeping Charvil clean for 15 years has retired.

Roger Burns worked for BT in management for more than 30 years before being made redundant so he decided to take up the role of village warden.

It was a part-time job that required him to clear rubbish and carry out maintenance at the request of Charvil Parish Council.

The 76-year-old has decided to stop for health reasons.

He wants to enjoy retirement with his wife Susan, who used to work at the Waitrose store in Twyford.

The couple have been married for more than 50 years and have three children and five grandchildren. They moved to Charvil from Maidenhead 30 years ago.

Mr Burns, of Wenlock Edge, said: “When I first started, the council asked me to do as much as I could in five hours a week because that is how much they could afford.

“My brief was to do the main routes through Charvil. I have never been full-time and it was only ever a few hours a week. I was self-employed rather than being a council employee.

“Now my health is starting to catch up with me. I suppose I actually finished when the lockdown started.

“The main thing I got out of the job was meeting people — they got to know me and I got to know them.

“I particularly got to know lots of dog walkers, who would go out at the same time each day, and they became familiar faces.”

Jim Gillett, chairman of Charvil Parish Council, said: “Roger has been helping out for 15 years and has had various roles in that time. 

“He has been a general handyman, which was very important for managing the village hall, but he is most known for his litter-picking and keeping the village spick and span.

“He is very much a character around the village with his fluorescent jacket and litter-picker and he has done a sterling job in keeping Charvil tidy.

“With the workload increasing, we have two replacements. There is a caretaker role for the hall and then a general handyman for all of the amenities we have, which will include replacing Roger on the litter -picking side of things.”

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