Monday, 01 March 2021

Volunteers have the feelgood factor after picking litter

Volunteers have the feelgood factor after picking litter

VOLUNTEERS collected 11 bags of rubbish from along the A4 in Charvil on Saturday.

A group of 10 people met in the lay-by in Milestone Avenue, opposite the Texaco petrol station, and spent an hour gathering litter.

The event was organised by Sam Akhtar, who founded the environmental group Charvil Matters last summer.

He was pleased to see new and regular faces at the event.  Mr Akhtar said: “There are some younger people who are starting to join and we are asking those people to spread the message at school and college. They are the next generation and if they can be more mindful of littering and recycling it helps everyone else.

“We are keen to continue with the positive work we’ve done previously.

“This time, we spread ourselves out to cover more ground.

“We managed to get a big haul of rubbish and people really enjoyed it. One of the things that is coming out of these events is how important the social element is. If anything, it is equally important as the eco work and people are really craving social opportunities with the way covid is going.

“This is a platform to help clean up the area and help maintain the environment. It is oddly satisfying and is a very feelgood thing to do. It is also a great way to make friends and meet other people with similar values and interests.”

The award for the strangest item went to an office chair, which had been dumped in a bush. Other finds included car parts, food wrappers and glass bottles.

Litter-pickers and rubbish bags were provided and volunteers only had to bring gloves and wear suitable clothing in case it rained. All the pickers were cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes beforehand.

Mr Akhtar, who lives in Pound Lane with his partner Tasmin Morgan and works in recruitment in London, hopes the group will expand by having digital talks to discuss future initiatives.

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