Friday, 05 March 2021

Pollution monitors

Pollution monitors installed around Henley

DIFFUSION tubes which help monitor levels of pollution have been installed at six locations in Henley.

The devices were bought by Henley Town Council to help identify areas with high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide.

The tubes have been installed at Crew Clothing in Bell Street, the junction of New Street and Bell Street, the Marlow Road roundabout, the Kenton Theatre in New Street, the slipway at the bottom of New Street and on the side of Henley Bridge.

They will stay in place for three months before the results are analysed.

Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak said: “These clever, simple devices will give us much-needed data on our air quality and help us to continue to address the concerns of Henley residents around congestion and emissions.”

The tubes contain a steel mesh disc coated with triethanolamine, which absorbs nitrogen dioxide.

After three months, the mesh will be removed and washed with distilled water, which is then analysed.

The concentration of nitrogen dioxide is found by shining ultra violet light through the water sample.

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