Wednesday, 12 May 2021

‘Litterbug coffee drinkers should help keep village tidy’

‘Litterbug coffee drinkers should help keep village tidy’

MORE bins could be installed in Wargrave to help tackle an increase in littering.

Residents have complained to the parish council about the number of coffee cups being discarded and have taken to holding their own litter-picks around the village.

Two cafés, Daisy Love and H’artisan Speciality Coffee, have opened in High Street since October.

The issue was discussed during a council meeting.

Councillor Marion Pope said: “We have had an issue with paper cups. People are just throwing them anywhere and putting them in the bins on Mill Green without squashing them flat. Because we’ve had lockdown, we’ve had a lot of people out walking and getting cups of coffee and not thinking about taking them home.

“I’ve seen people just throw their cups down. It annoys me because it is our village and they should help to keep it clean and tidy.

“I’ve asked if it is possible to let customers know about the problem. It is about educating people.

“The other issue is with dog poo bags. People are just discarding them anywhere or putting them in bins that are already full.”

Nick Hart, who runs H’artisan and is a parish councillor, said he would regularly go through bins to remove any of the takeaway cups from his café to make more space. He added: “We’ve actually put out our own bin to try to alleviate the problem. We also remove all our cups in the bin outside Woodclyffe Hall whenever we can.

“Looking at potential solutions, they are heritage bins and look nice but volume wise they don’t take a lot.

“More people are using the high street, which is good, but can we potentially look at getting one or two more bins, or a bigger volume? 

“We are doing our bit and emptying bins, which looks odd to some people, but we’re trying.”

Councillor Michael Etwell agreed that more bins were needed.  He said: “With two coffee shops and more people out during covid doing exercise, it does need the additional capacity in the high street area.”

Parish clerk Stephen Hedges said the council had received requests for additional litter bins in High Street and these would be passed on to Wokingham Borough Council.

He said larger bins could be installed but they must not protrude on to the pavement any more than the existing bins. They would also have to be bolted to the ground.

Council chairman Dick Bush said: “When covid is over, there may be less footfall and less of a problem.”

The bins are emptied every Wednesday by the borough council’s waste contractor, Veolia.

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