Friday, 23 April 2021

‘Saddo’ urged to stop dumping empties in the street

‘Saddo’ urged to stop dumping empties in the street

SCORES of empty beer bottles are being dumped in and around public litter bins in Sonning Common every week.

Now the parish council wants to stop the “saddo” fly-tipper by exposing their fly-tipping publicly.

The pictures above show the bottles of Amstel and the packaging left at the bin near the bus stop in Woodlands Road.

The council says that village warden Mark Weston has found the bin overflowing every week.

Parish clerk Philip Collings warned residents not to fly-tip but to use their own bins and appealed for anyone with information to contact him. He said: “As every household is entitled to both green and black bins, there is absolutely no need for the antisocial dumping of household rubbish in or beside the litter bins.

“The bins are there to help people dispose of miscellaneous litter such as sweet wrappers and one-off drinks containers. We have one saddo who regularly leaves two boxes with 24 empty Amstel bottles and other rubbish by the Brinds Close bus stop.

“I often wonder if they are doing it to conceal a drinking problem from their household. Either way, we would like them to stop it.”

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