Saturday, 08 May 2021

Call for bigger bin

A BIGGER bin could be installed on Mill Green in Wargrave due to people leaving dog waste bags on the ground.

There used to be a dedicated bin for dog mess, but it was vandalised several years ago and not replaced.

Parish councillor Marion Pope said a resident had contacted her, offering to install the bin free of charge if the council paid for it.

She said: “I think we do need one because there isn’t a place for dog poo and people just put it in the normal bin. At the moment, it is just being thrown on the ground next to the seat.”

Parish clerk Stephen Hedges said the council would investigate the cost of a bin but chairman Dick Bush questioned if one was needed.

He said: “I’m not sure. If people are dumping it by the seat, are they going to use the dog waste bin?

“I think ordinary bins are the way to go and I wouldn’t want to put a specific dog waste bin there.”

Cllr Pope said the existing waste bin was often full of takeaway coffee cups and beer cans, so there was rarely room for other rubbish.

Councillor Bush responded: “Can we ask Wokingham Borough Council to put a bigger bin there?

“I am still of the opinion that when people go back to work properly there will be fewer people out walking.” 

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