Saturday, 04 December 2021

Pollution discovered in brook

POLLUTION in Ewelme Brook is concerning a parish councillor.

Tom Stevenson raised the issue at the Benson annual parish meeting.

He said: “A pollution incident came to light when we looked at a sample taken from below the road bridge at Ewelme, just above the weir where the old mill used to be.

“Some of the invertebrates were dead but what was really noticeable was that the bulk of the freshwater shrimps were stationary, moving their legs to get oxygen over their gills.

“They are normally very mobile, dashing around all over the place.

“Unfortunately, it is not possible to pinpoint the cause but it seemed an appropriate time to warn people of some of the possible causes, especially those that we have some control over.”

There are a number of possible causes of pollution in the brook, including leaks from aging sewer pipes, spillage of chemicals sprayed on farmland or adjacent gardens, especially before heavy rain, road run-off or medicinal chemicals washing off animals paddling in the water.

Benson Nature Group has set up a project focusing on teaching residents how to take care of the brook in order to avoid similar incidents. This will be supported by both Benson and Ewelme parish councils.

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