Sunday, 05 December 2021

Town and village signs defaced in protest at MPs’ vote

Town and village signs defaced in protest at MPs’ vote

SIGNS in Henley, Shiplake and Goring were defaced following the Commons vote.

The metal boards welcoming people to “Henley-on-Thames” in Reading Road, Fair Mile and on Henley Bridge had cardboard signs over the word “Thames” that read “poo”.

In Goring, the sign was altered in the same way to read “Goring on poo” while in Shiplake, the “p” on the sign was replaced with a “t”.

“It’s certainly eye-catching,” said Henley town clerk Sheridan Jacklin-Edward. “Although we note the use of eco-friendly sign materials, we prefer our original name.

“If residents are concerned about untreated sewage in the River Thames, we would encourage them to speak with their MP.

“As always, we also encourage the public to attend and raise issues at our council meetings.”

Kevin Bulmer, chairman of Goring Parish Council, said: “I absolutely agree that clean rivers are an absolute must and there is no excuse for not keeping them clean.

“But this is not something the parish council has any control over — it’s a Westminster matter. They would be better writing to their MP.”

He called the new-look sign “slightly derogatory”, adding: “I don’t think this method of protest is very helpful. How does defacing signs help your cause?”

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