Sunday, 22 May 2022

Villagers invited to meeting on housing

A PUBLIC meeting will be held tomorrow (Saturday) to discuss the Charvil neighbourhood plan.

Residents are invited to the village hall to hear a presentation about the progress made by the plan committee.

This will include the results of a survey of villagers carried out last year.

Vice-chairman Robert Jones said: “We have been working on the plan for 12 months now but the pandemic has restricted our opportunities to meet face-to-face with residents.  

“We’re keen to tell them what progress we’ve made and to share with them some of the initial results.

“We’re really hoping people will come down and see what’s going on and we look forward to receiving feedback.

“The meeting consists of two presentations lasting 15 minutes at 10.15am and 2.15pm. Afterwards residents are asked to review the [plan] posters and  presentation and ask questions. Alternatively, residents can drop in any time between 10am and 3pm for an informal discussion and view of the posters if preferred.”

Charvil has been asked to find sites for new homes under Wokingham Borough Council’s local plan.

Residents say this would impact the environment and that the village does not have sufficent infrastructure to cope with that much new development.

Greg Elphick of Park View Drive North, said: “There is no infrastructure in Charvil. You have to go to Twyford and Ruscombe or into Woodley for a GP. We don’t even have a post office anymore. 

“Charvil already has the highest car usage in the area and you have to travel to Winnersh for the train.”

The committee is considering issues such as green spaces, leisure, traffic, transport, schools and social and economic priorities.

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