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Rewind to investigate toilets complaint

ORGANISERS of Rewind Festival are looking into claims that toilets were blocked on the final day of the event

ORGANISERS of Rewind Festival are looking into claims that toilets were blocked on the final day of the event.

Sally Howes, who attended the Eighties music festival at Temple Island Meadows, says the toilet block near the camping area was overflowing when she went to use it on the Sunday.

She tried other blocks, which she says were in a similar condition, so she ended up having to drive into Henley.

Mrs Howes, from Somerset, who was camping over the weekend with her husband and two other couples, says the water in the block ran out, meaning the toilets became clogged.

She said: “You couldn’t flush or use the sink but people were still trying to use them if they were desperate.

“It was the main campsite toilet block, so it was used by pretty much everyone camping there.

“I go to other festivals like Glastonbury so I know what the toilet blocks can be like but to be left without toilets is not acceptable. It was a mess and they were in a disgusting state.”

Mrs Howes says she tried to find festival officials to speak to but was unable to locate anyone, while contractors who cleaned the toilets struggled to sort out the mess.

She said: “They turned up later in the morning and tried to clear the toilets out but couldn’t.”

Mrs Howes, who has attended the last two Rewind Festivals, says the experience ruined her time at the event and she may not return.

She said: “I won’t be going next year unless I receive an apology and assurances that they will increase the number of toilets and maintain them.

“You pay a decent price to go and standards were allowed to drop well below an acceptable level this year.”

Rewind founder David Heartfield said: “The toilets at Rewind have been supplied and maintained by the same contractor for many years.

“There are many hundreds of toilets on site and festival goers are on site 24 hours a day from Friday until Monday.

“It is impossible for us to comment on whether an individual block was cleaned adequately on Sunday morning but we will look into it with the contractor.”

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