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Nadiya’s happy secret

Nadiya Hussain - Christ Church

Nadiya Hussain - Christ Church

NADIYA is now a household name since winning The Great British Bake Off in 2015, She has become a familiar face on TV and in the public eye.

Her book Bake Me a Story is aimed at children and was inspired by and made with the help of her own children.

Nadiya was in conversation with Leah Boleto (of Newsround fame) and the two of them worked well together and obviously had a good rapport.

The show was very visual and Nadiya even baked some star anise gingerbread men live on stage — the smell was mouth-watering.

There were two large screens set up so that even the youngest members of the audience had something to look at. These showed pictures and illustrations from the book.

Then we were treated to a video clip which showed Nadiya reading a passage from the story of the star anise gingerbread men, which was enchanting.

Nadiya says she wants her book to be used and loved. It contains 15 stories, with a recipe for each story. She penned the stories first and then intertwined the ingredients into the story.

Leah asked Nadiya about her time on Bake Off and everyone was interested to hear how stressful it was when Paul Hollywood asked his pertinent questions in the middle of the bake.

So Leah and Nadiya acted out an amusing scenario when he asked “How do you feel about the dough?”

Nadiya said it was very stressful. She admitted to suffering with anxiety and missing her children during Bake Off.

When asked what his mother did for a living, Nadiya’s 10-year-old son said “She lives her dream!” Upon hearing this, there was a collective “Ahhh” from the audience.

Nadiya was very down to earth and easy to listen to, she was friendly and amusing. She also gave us a few hints and tips to take home and try.

When Leah asked Nadiya about baking the Queen’s 90th birthday cake she told us that originally she thought it was a hoax!

But when she realised it was for real she was very honoured, but nervous about meeting the Queen.

The brief for making the Queen’s birthday cake was quite short: “Not a fruit cake.”

Nadiya said: “The Queen made me so nervous and I was meant to say ‘Happy birthday your majesty’ but in fact I said ‘Good morning your highness!’ It was so embarrassing.”

Nadiya went on to say that when the Queen actually introduced her to Prince Phillip, he said “Yes, dear, I know who she is, but what flavour is the cake?”

When the floor was opened up for questions, the first one was: “Are you going to take over from Mary Berry in the Bake Off?” Nadiya laughed and said she was already a judge on Junior Bake Off.

When someone asked if she was still in touch with her fellow competitors from the Bake Off tent, she said yes — they have a group chat called Baker’s Dozen and speak most days.

One little girl at the front asked “Why are you a baker?” “Because it makes me happy!” came the reply.

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