Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Branchin out

Branchin out

Members of Emmer Green Residents’ Association and volunteers from the Reading Tree Warden Network
were joined by residents to plant four trees at Emmer Green recreation ground on Saturday, February 11. Despite snow

Despite snow falling, the event was well supported and the association provided hot drinks and snacks. The trees, which were funded by Trees for Cities, a charity which inspires people to love trees, are an American sycamore ( platanus occidentalis ), an English oak ( quercus robur ) and two silver maple ( acer saccharinum ). David Elliott, chief

David Elliott, chief executive of Trees for Cities, said: “These trees will increase local biodiversity and provide an opportunity for residents to leave a legacy for future generations.”

Reading Borough Council staff carved new seating for the park from locally felled tree trunks. Annette Fairweather, who
chairs the association, presented a small plaque to Margaret Ormonde, the former chairman, in recognition of her
contribution to the local community. This will be mounted on the new seating. Above, association committee

Above, association committee members, left to right, Liz Lyke, Annette Fairweather, Bill Harper, Margaret Ormonde, Michael Denoon-Slater and Dave Kenny, Reading tree warden. 

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