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Warm spell boosts entries to spring show

Warm spell boosts entries to spring show

ENTRIES were up at this year’s Chiltern Edge Horticultural Society spring show.

Scores of people attended the event at Sonning Common village hall on Saturday.

There were dozens of entries in seven categories, including flowers, domestic and handicraft, and 83 more than a year ago.

Society chairman Nigel Crush said: “The room felt more full this year because of the increase in entries. 

“Last year we only had two Easter baskets but this year there were five. For the cake competition we had eight entries compared with two last year. I think it might be because we chose simpler recipes.”

Mr Crush, who won the any other vegetable class for his three leeks and three photography classes, said the recent warm weather had helped people entering tulips at the show.

Lynda Crocker, of Crowsley Way, Sonning Common, won the Grove Cup for most points in the daffodil, narcissus and tulip classes and the Avern Trophy for best exhibit in the daffodil and narcissus classes.

She said: “I’ve been taking part in shows with the society for about eight years now.

“Mostly I enter the flower classes, because I love looking after them. I have won before.”

John Windass, from Peppard Common, won the Village Cup for best exhibit in the flower classes even though it was the first time he had entered the show.

Mr Windass, 67, said: “I have always been a keen gardener, particularly since I retired seven years ago.

“I entered some narcissi, some daffodils and tulips. The entry I won the cup for was for a vase of three different varieties of daffodil or

“I’d never entered before because I had been away when the shows had taken place but I’ve been a keen member of the society for five or six years.  Having never shown before, I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the result. If I can do it then it should encourage others.”

Sue Hedges, from Gallowstree Common, won the Easter basket competition with a mixture of flowers including tulips and bluebells from her garden.

Visitors were able to see the exhibits and buy plants. Tea and coffee and cakes were on sale.

The society’s next event is a table top plant sale at the village hall on Saturday, May 13.  Its autumn show will take place at the village hall on September 2 from 2pm to 4pm.

The full results were as follows: The Avern Trophy, best exhibit in daffodil and narcissus classes — Lynda Crocker

The Grove Cup, most points in daffodil, narcissus and tulip classes — Lynda Crocker

The Frank Pritchard Cup, most points in pot plant classes — Moira Poole and Diane Gordon (joint

Certificate of Merit for Floral Art, most points in floral art — Julia Perry

The Village Cup, best exhibit in flower classes — John Windass

The Geoff Mitton Cup, winner Sonning Common spring front gardens competition — Alan and Janice Davis, of Sedgefield Close

Children five to 11 — 1st Sicily Hopewell; 2nd Temperance Hunter; 3rd Violet May Martin; 4th Esme Crook


Specimen trumpet daffodil, any colour — 1st Sandra Reed-Jennings; 2nd Lynda Crocker; 3rd Bernard Winnington

Specimen narcissus, any colour — 1st Lynda Crocker; 2nd Dave Brewer; 3rd Martin Hedges

Vase mixed narcissi, one bloom per stem — 1st Dave Brewer; 2nd Martin Hedges; 3rd Lynda Crocker

Vase narcissi, more than one bloom per stem — 1st Dave Brewer; 2nd Lynda Crocker

Vase of any other kind of daffodil or narcissus — 1st Lynda Crocker

Three vases, three different varieties of daffodil/narcissus/both — 1st John Windass; 2nd Lynda Crocker

Specimen tulip bloom — 1st Wendy Peatey; 2nd Dave Brewer; 3rd John Windass

Specimen tulip bloom, novice class — 1st Dee Windass; 2nd Sandra Reed-Jennings; 3rd Lynda Crocker

Vase of five mixed tulips — 1st Wilma Crush; 2nd Sue Hedges; 3rd John Windass

Vase of muscari, nine stems — 1st John Windass; 2nd Moira Poole; 3rd Wendy Peatey

Vase of polyanthus, five stems — 1st Lynda Crocker

Vase any other outdoor flower, one kind — 1st Moira Poole; 2nd Wilma Crush; 3rd Lynda Crocker

Vase mixed spring flowers, excluding shrubs — 1st Clare Crook; 2nd Moira Poole; 3rd Colin Mather

Vase mixed spring flowers, excluding shrubs, novice class — 1st Lynda Crocker

Vase flowers from trees or shrubs, mixed — 1st Dave Brewer; 2nd Lynda Crocker; 3rd Wilma Crush

Foliage plant in pot —  1st Diane Gordon; 2nd Lynda Crocker; 3rd Alison Kerr

Pot or bowl of succulent or cactus — 1st Moira Poole; 2nd Sue Hedges; 3rd Colin Mather


Easter basket — 1st Sue Hedges; 2nd Sue Frayling-Cork; 3rd Julia Perry

Miniature arrangement in tea cup — 1st Julia Perry; 2nd Sandra Reed-Jennings; 3rd Ilse Eve


Five sticks of rhubarb — 1st Martin Hedges; 2nd Nigel Crush; 3rd Richard Burling

Any other vegetable — 1st Nigel Crush; 2nd Martin Hedges


Any breakfast marmalade — 1st Dave Brewer; 2nd Lynda Crocker; 3rd Jennifer Poska

Chutney — 1st Jennifer Poska; 3rd Clare Crook

Victoria sandwich — 1st Alison Selman; 2nd Pauline Burling; 3rd Lynda Crocker

Bakewell tart — 1st Clare Crook; 2nd Sue Frayling-Cork; 3rd Pauline Burling

Fruit scones — 1st Alison Selman; 2nd Joan Bree; 3rd Wilma Crush


Article of any handicraft — 1st Joan Bree; 2nd Sandra Reed-Jennings; 3rd Clare Crook

Small painting, any medium — 1st Sandra Reed-Jennings; 2nd Sylvia Dickens; 3rd Ann Holt

Small drawing, pencil or ink — 1st Sandra Reed-Jennings; 2nd Ann Holt


Easter artwork — 1st Sicily Hopewell; 2nd Violet May Martin; 3rd Temperance Hunter

Raspberry buns — 1st Temperance Hunter; 2nd Esme Crook; 3rd Sicily Hopewell


Indoor flowering plant — 1st Nigel Crush; 2nd Moira Poole; 3rd Colin Mather

Grape hyacinth — 1st Nigel Crush; 2nd Colin Mather; 3rd Moira Poole

Urban landscape, transport — 1st Nigel Crush; 2nd Colin Mather; 3rd Sandra Reed-Jennings

Open class, colour — 1st Sandra Reed-Jennings; 2nd Julia Perry; 3rd Nigel Crush

Open class, black and white — 1st Colin Mather; 2nd Moira Poole; 3rd Sandra Reed-Jennings

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