Friday, 12 August 2022

Volunteers spruce up brick maze

Volunteers spruce up brick maze

VOLUNTEERS have begun cleaning Whitchurch maze in readiness for refurbishment that will start next month.

The eight villagers spent several hours on Saturday scrubbing and polishing the brickwork at the landmark off Eastfield Lane, which opened in 2004.

They included author and photographer Nick Brazil, who came up with the idea, and Peter Woolhouse, of the Whitchurch Habitat Study Group, who helped him bring it to life.

The maze consists of about 2,650 bricks, some of which are inscribed with the names of sponsors or messages commemorating loved ones. Most remain intact and simply needed cleaning but about 600 will have to be replaced as they have been cracked by frost.

Those which are damaged will be replaced by concrete bricks as they are expected to last longer.

There is space for up to about 500 additional sponsors at a cost of £20 each and interested parties are now being asked to come forward.

There will be a second cleaning session at 2pm on Sunday, August 19. All are welcome to attend.

Leslie Prater, who is leading the refurbishment project, said: “We’ve had a good response so far. I’ve been contacted by one person whose parents lived in the village and may be putting a message across 16 bricks.

“I walk the maze every morning with my dog and find it inspirational so I think it’s important that we look after it.”

For more information, call Mr Prater on 0118 984 5230 or email leslie.

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