Friday, 03 December 2021

Snowdrop sale raises £1,000 for church

Snowdrop sale raises £1,000 for church

A SALE of snowdrops in Dunsden raised about £1,000 for the village church.

More than 300 people visited All Saints’ to buy both flowers and bulbs.

The money raised will go towards replastering the church’s interior walls and maintaining the roof and windows, which will cost an estimated £23,000.

John Bodman, who organised the third annual event on Sunday, said: “It is a huge amount of money to raise. Being a small church with a small congregation, it is hard.”

Before the sale more than 90 people attended a service led by assistant curate Sarah Nesbitt. They sang Morning Has Broken, O Lord My God, Think of a World Without Any Flowers, Be Still For The Presence of the Lord, I, The Lord of Sea and Sky and You Shall Go Out With Joy.

Saxophonists Tim Walker, Ruth Jolly and John Pumfrey — alias the Brass Necked Crooks — performed and Margaret Probyn sang Summertime from Porgy and Bess.

The church was decorated with drawings of snowdops by children from Shiplake Primary School.

The congregation was served tea and coffee by volunteers who had made cakes, scones, flapjacks and ploughman’s lunches.

Mrs Nesbitt said: “I loved the service. I have had so many people stop and offer nice comments.

“For me, the snowdrops are about creation and being aware of the footprint we have on this Earth.

“We are put here to look after it and we are not doing a very good job at the moment. We need to think harder about our footprint.”

Mr Bodman, 80, from Emmer Green, said: “It was a superb and wonderful service. It was beautiful and people really did appreciate it.”

The volunteers included Linda Glithro, Pippa Hughes, Yvonne Watson, Janice Wooton, Gillian Robbins, Ann Daniels and Phyllis Colin.

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